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I am a former employee of Westport location and they cheated me out of money...i will b sueing they dumb ***!940 Westport plaza Dr. St Louis, MO. Add comment

  • Jul 15
  • Financial Scams and Schemes
  • 171

They called my wife (no idea how they got her number) over a debt that my *mother* had. She had a stroke back in November. I have POA over my mother's finances and they asked my wife to ask me to fax it to them. I called them up and refused to send them anything and told them that I was recording the conversation. When I explained to them that my mother was recovering in a hospital and that they... Read more

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  • Jul 10
  • Collection Agencies
  • Gc Services Collection Calls
  • 191

Got my phone numbers from somewhere and placed back to back to back harassing phone calls with NO messages left. They also 'capture' any phone calls when you try to get the removal process started as well. I've requested twice this year to be removed from all databases! The people try to avoid answering WHO they work for. They also don't want to remove information from their databases. This... Read more

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They are not what they are.false dont pay your bill they take.your money Add comment

I paid off my ticket to get my licence back they never let court know they lied about mailing me stuff the staff is rude and only looking to keep adding fees Add comment

They send me a letter saying that I own income tax money for the years 2008 2009 2010 Add comment

I have had the displeasure of the encounter with G.C. Services, and it's all because of a $3,605.00 bill that I don't owe. Even after I have reported them and the fake bill to the Credit Protection Bureau, they have reported it to the 3 credit agencies, anyway, and my credit scores have suffered, because of it. Regardless of how much more that they'll put me through, I won't pay them anything. Add comment

  • Jun 17
  • Finances
  • Inglewood, California
  • Staff
  • 241

They are under trained and very in professional, we had to take my child off life support and they harassed me the whole day after I explained the situation the proceeded to call disregarding my family tragedy. Then when I asked for a extension till this up coming Friday was told no if I didn't pay 113$ my license would be suspended. They have no sympathy for a loss of a child and I'm disgusted..... Read more

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People should just their bill & stop complaining Add comment

  • Jun 11
  • Collection Agencies
  • Livonia, Michigan
  • Collection Call
  • 348

I received a call from someone wanting me to verify my identity. I refused as I don't know these people. Today I received a letter saying I owe Citibank for a Sears card debt. I haven't had a Sears card for 35 years and NEVER shop there. I don't know what is going on with these folks but it sounds a lot like a scam. Now I have to take my time to try and straighten this all out?! Perhaps I will... Read more

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