I have been called multiple times over the past 2 weeks frm GC Services. The very first time they called I entered a "program" to pay back my student loan.

I gave them my routing number and my account number but because this company has such an antiquated system they have to have a checking account!! So, the check they sent to my bank was returned as I have no checking account only a savings account, which has the exact same account number as the checking account that I had! Since that day, this company has called me on multiple occasions, threatening me with garnishment of my pay, etc., etc. I even had a 3-way telephone conversation between GC Svcs, my bank, and myself telling them that if they would send it in the bank would guarantee they would receive their money from my savings account, but they couldn't specify checking on it!!

No, they can't do that! It has to be a checking account. When so frustrated when talking and putting me on hold numerous times to "talk to their manager" or whoever they had to confer with, I was threatened with garnishment and at that point, I said Go ahead Whatever!! Thought I was through with them!!

One day later another person called and finally finally I talked to a person who was kind and considerate and told me that I could actually send the first payment in my western union and gave me the information to do so. However, I will either have to get a Visa card or checking account to finish the program!! In this age of technology how can a company that depends on money changing hands NOT to be able to get it out of your savings account??

If they are such a reputable company and can do all this other stuff, why don't they update their system so that law-abiding people that want to pay their loans back can do so without feeling like a criminal!!! Very frustrated and do not have that good-old-boy feeling about GC Services at all!!!

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Even better..so I request info on how they calculated 21k in interest on a 5k loan...they sent over all the monthly calculations from Sallie Mae adding in my interest and it came up to 13k...so can any of u former dumb *** GC employees explain why they are trying to get 26 K on a 13K debt???....Im guessing its because its an honest mistake...YA right..explains why they were willing to settle my"26k" debt for 15k...its cause i didnt owe it...GC IS DISPICABLE..whether I owe or not that tactic is BUUULLLL CHIT


LMAO @ PFRAZ....wow we are sensative..I assume your bigger and better things is flipping burgers at Mcdonalds..cause I would imagine working for GC requires no education or personality..just the ability to be a d bag...makes me wonder why u ever quit..sounds like you would have been a model employee..so there now I have contributed..


I used to work at GC svcs looong ago. No longer with the company as ive moved on to bigger and better things.

And yes, dealing with these complaints, whines, and flat out ignorance was a big headache. Got a lot of laughs out of it, but a pain nonetheless.

And then theres Mr. Chantilly, VA, that apparently cannot get around his grudge towards this company, as he has yet to contribute anything more on this site other than acting like a bratty teenager that isnt able to play his xbox.


So did u cut your wrists yet?


1st, I do not work there. I think I would cut my wrists if I did reading all these ridiculous "complaints".


pfraz just because you work for the company making $8 an hour does not make it ok for you to be an *** wart. Get your life right.


the manager needs to remember he is talking to real people. we are not dumb or less then him..They should be ashamed of the way they try to intimidate people.

we are not bad people we are just broke for all different reasons.

I would eat rocks and dirt before I would work that way. Kindness is free.


pfraz is 100% correct. In order to pay for something with a check (in person or over the phone), you MUST have a checking account.

An electronic transfer of money, wire, etc is different, but when the pmt option is called "check by phone" an entirely differnt process takes place and a checking account is required.

And i am also baffled why you don't understand this, and why you risked getting garnished/etc...when all you had to do was get a cking acct or a prepaid card. SHEESH!

to agreed #864010

Bull S*** money can be paid from a saving account except you can not change the amount of the draw at will, where as with a checking account you can change the amount at a wimp if you so please without asking for confirmation. And dealing with any collection agency this is a safety net. And the biggest reason they do not or like they can not use this system, cause it takes away there plain to take all or raise the amount to what ever they think you account will bare with them still receiving payment..


1st, most companies in the world require a CHECKING ACCOUNT in order to process a CHECK BY PHONE. I hope I don't have to go into more detail and explanation why that is as this should be common sense.

2nd, I am very confused why you got yourself so wound up and frustrated over this, when all you had to do was get yourself a checking account to fix the matter. There is no point fighting the matter, as you have found out. Also, I need to bring up the fact that when you default on a loan, you no longer have a right to dictate terms.

Just an FYI. So in the future, when you plan on paying for something with a CHECK, you need a CHECKING ACCOUNT.

to pfraz #1330641

:) preach

to ANONYMOUS #1330644

You would think if u didn't like dealing w collections u wouldn't let them get there in the first place. The reason why they end up there is bc u haven't paid in long time which is why they call to see if u want to make an arrangement .

That is out of courtesy since if not there are other involuntary actions that would cost u more money in the long run. There is always mail in money orders if u dnt want to use checks or a card but if you do pay by check that is your paper trail since it will be on your bank statement. Just bc u put something on file it does nt have to stay on file if u dnt want it to.

knowledge is power. Educate yourselves.

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