So Curtis Mitchell from GC services contacts me after my mom passes away to state, " I don't care pay the bill and I will leave you alone." The fact of the matter is we have not received death certs and the guy doesn't care. well he was very rude and every time I call to talk to a supervisor the guy gets on the line and runs his mouth.

Makes that company look great right?

On the home page for the service it says that they prefer to win consumers back over, I guess when they die it is a whole different tactic.

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guy your talked to sounds like a ***... refuse to say ne thing else but that you want to talk to his supervisor to him.

dont say ne thing else, just over and over in a calm voice, "please put your supervisor on" dont yell, it gets nowhere, but when he sees that he is getting nowhere with you, he will hand the call over. sorry your dealing with such a ***...

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