This company calls my cell phone every single day. I use the phone mainly for data so just delete the call records and messages.

They ask for someone I have never heard of. I have called the number back and asked not to be called any more and that I do not know the person they are looking for. The man who answers is polite and assures me my number will be removed, but the calls continue - every single day, seven days a week.

I figured it was a collection agency and google search assures me it is indeed. But I do not know how to make them stop calling my number!

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Dallas, Texas, United States #657442

CONSUMERS FIGHT BACK! Debtorboards.com

I would rather you teach them an expensive lesson. They violated federal law by calling you after you told her not to. If you can prove that in a small claims court the miscreant will pay you $1000. You want to make it an expensive lesson engage an attorney that's another $3000+/- they have to pay.

That's a violation of FDCPA and your rights and you are due about $1000 from them if you can prove that. Be ready for the next call they will almost always violate and you need to capture the evidence as it could be a $$$ windfall for you. Have ready a recorder, camera, pen & paper. When they call again be calm and record the call, photo your call ID then detail who called, when, what said, everything! That's what judges want to see.

Then tell them verbally to cease and desist calling you per federal law TCPA, etc. If they violate that you are due about $1000 if you prove it.

Consumer attorneys will take a case on a contingency basis especially if you have collected slam dunk evidence. It's an $3k that's dropping on their desk that's covered by the misbehaving collector/defendant. For a Dave Ramsey endorsed attorney go to collectionbully.com (or just search at NACA.org).

You can also sue pro se it's a simple process and you can get all the help at debtorboards.com

Elmsford, New York, United States #607117

call back, ask to speak to the Office Manager...do not talk to a representative. They are usually scared to death of complaints and lawsuits so they will take care of it properly.

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