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I had a debt with this agency, two tickets I couldn't pay because I didn't have the money then. I asked my employer to lend me the money to pay this so called collection agency and contacted them to pay my debt.

Rude bastards!. they hanged up the phone several times because they couldn't answer simple questions-I asked, when was my payment clear?- after a week my payment was not processed, I called again, this time they hanged up 3 times, I finally called them again and Mr G. said to send a Western Union payment, I ordered to stop any previous check, I explained my concerned to pay this way, they said it was safe and that it was the fastest way to process my payment. I called them the same day to give them the confirmation number, they said my account was clear and I was happy until later that day when I discovered that my account was charges $500+...

By using information (probably) from my previous arraignments (over the phone) they processed a electronic check I did NOT authorized, that account a 3rd account that was paid a few years back, I think they though I wasn't going to be able to prove them wrong but thank God I retrieved bank records, DVM records and court records that showed I didn't have to pay that amount. I called them to complain and explain their error and they said it can take from 10 to 12 weeks to get my stolen money took them 48 hours to process that fake check..!! but of course I have evidence, so first thing was to contact my bank and have them retrieve my money and then file a formal complain to BBB for their horrible service. To those proud GC Service employees I say, -remember, you will be unemployed at some point in your life and unable to pay your bills, suckers-

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Almost exact same thing happened to me, it's been a year and they're sending me warrants again for the same bill I supposedly paid, ,Credit bureau I was talking to them they said run from them and certainly don't answer them.


I believe blue123 came back as chris after a 3-months break of using lotion and kleenex.After this his dad you bough him a new computer and he decided to help others avoid life mistakes that makes him so miserable.

After all he doesn't seam to have anything to do in his pour, miserable, dishonor life as a sells man or phone center representative for one of this companies we all complained are not doing what the state of demands them to do, follow the law and do not rip people of their hard earned money. Of course what do I know to him I am just another adult that does not understand my responsibilities.

What a retard...Have a blessed


hey Chris, are you slow or just dont have the time to read.I clearly explained I PAID THE TICKET ON TIME, hey reactivated my account as unpaid and charged me twice for it.

I just wanted my money back since I had already pay for my infraction.

People like you think you are all perfect which makes me think, why are you logging into PISSED CONSUMER website anyway. You should go back to have your perfect life with your perfect wife and your perfect kids lol. if any.

lol.Hey thanks for the posting!


hey de'lanto, :cry sounds like you with everyone else are just upset because you think you are responsible adults, but in the end collections would not be calling any of you tools if you paid your bills; traffic tickets,school loans(which you never completed),taxes.At least their employees have jobs and don't sit at home collecting unemployment or living off parents income while blogging on random internet sights - shut the up and be a responsible productive citizen as you should be, instead of talking about it all of the time behind a computer screen.

The whole world is out there, not just your parents basement and computer desk.Put the lotion and kleenex box away,fill out an application and pay your bills.

Williamston, North Carolina, United States #116543





:( :( Hey blue123, Are you ***???Did you not read his testimony??

this is not about "paying your bills ontime" it's about GC being a SCAM company, and he's right, they do hang up the phone when they get caught in a lie. I too asked simple questions and they said "hold on" and hung up.

Responsible adults are who GC likes to make mad.Scary punks.


pay your bills ontime to avoid being called to be told to be a responsible adult

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