I worked for GC Services. They have a number of companies they do business with...

I was with the Sprint dept. of GC. We were told at hiring it was 7.25 an hour with incentives that were easy to get to bring you to 10.25 an hour. I was told as long as you do your job you get the incentive.

Well, I lost my incentive for going to the bathroom, for missing 1 day of work with a doctors note... you name it. They do everything in their power to keep you from getting the incentive. THEN to top it off, the building is FILTHY and caked in dust.

The bathrooms are basically unusable! We were expected to sit at our filthy cubicles for 8 hours without using the bathroom other than during a break and to use a restroom that smelled so bad ALL the time you'd rather risk an accident and hold it.

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Elgin, Illinois, United States #731452

I worked there between 2009 and 2011. The ONLY reason I worked there is because I was without a car at the time and it was along the bus route.

However the office I was in (near Chicago, IL) was very clean. Bathrooms were nice and the break room was big and roomy with several vending machines. The company held several incentives to keep the motivation and morale up...games, raffles, contests, etc. Birthdays were always celebrated and we even BBQ'd when it was nice out.

However, all this was done because the pay is ***. Its an entry level job that will train anyone with or without experience. Its a revolving door. The only way to make any decent money there is to bonus, and you really need to work your butt off to get that. This is where the rudeness/harrassment/etc comes from. Its due to disgruntled employees talking to disgruntled customers.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #726000

from what I have seen and heard, I am sorry you all have had bad times with GC. I wasn't even sure what GC was before I got envelopes thru the US Mail years ago.

Now I understand that Collection Services is necessary in business (considering how a few of the general public has a mind that doesn't plan on paying back what they owe.) but STAND UP FOR YOURSELF - Quit until the working conditions are better. If conditions are so bad HERE IN AMERICA, then I really wonder how they are at Call Centers and Collection Services in other Not-so-Educated Countries.


uh anon, gc service is a piece of ***.. its true about the incentive..

the day i was suppose to get my incentive they came to me sayin i was suppose to be at work an hour earlier that day and that was definitely not the case, they were changing my schedule at the last second.. i check my schedule everyday.. they wont even let u print off your schedule .. a week later i was working the ..

they took my $1 raise incentive.. and -7 shift, its a friday, i look at my schedule for next week.. its says 12-9, i thought that was weird. so monday im thinkin i have to be to work for 12.

someone calls me at a quarter to 12 saying your were suppose to be here for 10 and fired me! Maybe im wrong tell me but i dont think i did anything wrong..


Angie what part of gc were you calling. If it was sprint like we are talking about then how would you know if it was gc.

not every rep in a company works out of gc. If it was something else then I have to ask how was it unprofessional? Did they ask you to pay a bill you never paid? Did they try to get you to actually pay for something you owe and flat out refused to pay.

either way you need to relax, be an adult, and dont act like its anybody's fault but your own. Pay your bills and people tend to leave you alone.


I called to pay a small bill for someone. The staff at GC services is rediculously unprofessional and rude.

So much so I am writing a letter to who ever is in charge of the entire operation. It is unbelievable how unprofessinal the staff is. Don't tell me different just because you work there, I am a professional person and I know the difference. If management is the one pushing this inappropriate behavior then they will NOT make it far in their carer I can tell you that.

If you have to treat people like *** to make a few bucks you need to return to school and get a more admirable career going. I am disgusted!


Wow Dave, you have got to be joking. first of all it is in no way illegal to tell you to pay your bill that you don't pay.

second that is one building. I work for gc and i love it.

also the incentives are ran by sprint not gc. so while your experience was bad you shouldn't be ashamed for working for that "corrupy??"



to DAVE Long Beach, California, United States #896534

I definitely agree , they treat they're employees like property and they're constantly making you feel like ur gonna get fired for any little error you make. Supervisors treat employees with so much disrespect that they place fear in you .

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