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I realize that the reason most people are pissed at this company is for the harassing phone calls...if you paid your bills this wouldn't happen! For me it's different, I had an AMEX card with a company that I got laid off from.

The company said they would pay the remainder of the card and they did I got stuck with it! Which brings me to this situation.

GC Services called me and I set up a post dated check. I specifically asked if there was any way that it would get cashed prior to the date and I was assured that it would not...bull ***!

This morning I checked my bank statement and sure enough the check that should not have come out until the end of next week was there. I immediately called the company and asked to speak to a supervisor, after being hung up twice I finally got to a female supervisor who called me sweetie, I told her not to call me sweetie and that I pissed. She yelled at me and told me to call back when I can not curse at her...does pissed sound like a curse word?, She then hung up on me for the third time. Finally getting someone who wasn't a douche bag I was told that it looks like the person who entered the information put the wrong date...I could have told them that.

Then he told me that I could fax the statement to them and I would get credited but that it would take a while.

So instead of clearing up an issue it has created more for me. But hey they got their money so they did their job right!

Monetary Loss: $256.

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It is not the new "idiots" that GC has hired. Obviously you have a great respect for your fellow employees.

It is the old middle and upper management that abuses low level employees the same way they do their "clients".

Apparently they have a practive of hiring tons of employees and abusing them just to the point where their 90 days would be up so that they can get benefits and then dumping them. Common practice with sleezy companies like GC.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #10430

I'd like to add to "Jesse" comment. That is 100% true, heck, on my 1st day there, the whole call center came to screeching halt because an employee apparently lost his mind, and called somebody over a doz times.

He was immediately on the spot fired. Make sure you do get that resolved, and keep trying til you do get someone to help u.

Gladewater, Texas, United States #9554

I currently work for GC Services. But there are different GC call centers.

The one that i'm in. We don't make very many mistakes. And when we do. we pay for it greatly.

I do apologize for all of the idiots that GC has hired. But if one makes a mistake don't pursecute us all. I do my job right.

But please not all of us are bad rep's. ok!

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