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I usually don't answer calls that identify themselves as a city, but I was feeling generous. So I answered and waited perhaps 30 seconds for a connection.

I could hear calls in the background. The woman verified my name (manhandling it horribly) ...and then wanted me to verify my address. I said not until I know who you are and what you want. She said is was a private business matter.

Then I need to know who you represent. Very snooty, she said she would just send a letter. "Oh, then you must have my address!" Reading the above complaints, I have no children living with me, no loans out, so I have no idea what they want.

I guess I will wait for that letter to arrive! And when (I mean, if) it does, I will update.

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Collection agencies ask for you to verify your address, so they can avoid giving the wrong information to the wrong person. For example, lets say you have a common name like "John Smith".

The last thing the agency wants to do is give out personal information to the wrong "John Smith". Lets say you are "John Smith from ABC Street" and the person they called was "John Smith from XYZ Street". That means they reached the wrong person.

If they did not verify the address, that would mean they could of told a random stranger that you owed money. Unless you want a collection agency to tell people that you owe money without your permission or confirming they were speaking to the right person, you should be thankful that they try to keep your business private.

to Anonymous #1324121

As if anyone in their right mind would give out their address to a random caller? Or admit the collection agency even has the right person? C'mon now, you're not that naive, are you?

to Anonymous #1345099

People would not have this problem in the first place if they paid their bills on time. If people paid their bills on time, they would not have to receive and verify information.

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