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I just quit GC services. I was a really mean collector and I apologize to you all.

Working for GC services is the hardest job I have ever had, dealing with poor managers who get paid about $13-$15/hr and Treat collectors like they are dirt. GC services do not to hire people with experience, so they can mold you into one of them. (People with experience brings new ideas, that they rather not deal with) We are trained to think MONEY on every call... (Even if it's lying to the defendant-examples: putting them in JAIL) GC services do not train employees properly, for the FDCPA test I was given all the answers by the trainee.

Once you pass the test, they put you on the collection floor with your "manager" who previously worked as a supervisor at your local Forever 21 store at the mall, a go-go dancer at night, a ***, a drug dealer….need I say more??????????-Cindy Portillo, Marlon Shell is two of the big reasons why I've had enough and quit! This is a company where you are micromanaged and treated like a robot. ----You try dealing with being tormented on a daily basis....If you do not make money---you're fired!

You must hit your budget on a daily basis, stressing to have defendants pay, not reasoning with them. There is a reason why we are mean...WE ARE STRESSED!!!

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FYI from a nonbias person..when you comment on these reviews, it's really obvious to tell that you work for GC serv...ur defending a collection agency! the average debt having american hates these companies...karma is a B, and we'll look for your reviews on companies harassing you since you're mr/mrs perfect know it all


Instead of recommending people to take an English class, maybe u should invest in one yourself. The word I believe you were looking for is "urge"


:? I don't know about you all but i work for gc and i have a hard time with budget hitting as well. Not that im not a good collector so much as there budgets are set too high considering the payment options.

When there payments are to high and managment won't let you do any reduced payments for them then it gets hard.

I'm a great skip tracer and very nice and well spoken, i don't get complains but i do understand better than those who are just looking at the money aspect of it. I've been with the company for 1 year and realize gc is very selfish and has a really high turn over rate because people get stressed or don't hit the unrealistic budgets.

I myself am looking forward to taking my year of experince and moving to a more considerate company.


I work for GC Services now. I absolutely love my job.

We are not "molded" into anyone. Everyone there is a different person which is why we have so many collectors. People need to realize we aren't harassing them or being mean to them, but simply helping them take care of THEIR debt, not ours. Check yourself before you start saying bad things about other people.

You can't blame anyone but yourself for not hitting your budget. Sorry, but it's the truth.


:grin ...wow..you definitely made the right move..you need a job where its going to help you skill wise and bring about a challenge to open the doors to better opportunities. Seems like you were under a lot of stress.Don't need a job like that.. good luck with your job search!!


Thanks for sharing your story. I'm glad you quit.


After reading your "sentences" I strongly urgue you to step into an English class, now that you have free time.

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:roll GET OVER YOURSELF. Don't be upset because you couldn't do the job abd couldn't *** it. Its a fast paced world keep up or move the F out of the way

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