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My partner had a student loan that was being collected by GC Services. When they called our home, I told them she was asleep and that I would take a message.

The Rep told me that my partner had an outstanding debt from Sallie Mae Student Loans and that they were calling to set up a payment plan. Unless I am her husband, they cannot legally tell me anything about her debt without her permission. When I mentioned this (and the fact that I was an attorney), the rep quickly hung up. Unfortunately for GC Services, since my home number got a lot of crank calls in the past few months, there is a tap on my the rep was recorded.

They finally got a hold of my partner later that afternoon and she gave them permission to talk with me. They called me the next day and told me that Sallie Mae wanted to arrange a settlement for half of the outstanding debt. I asked the rep (a supposed supervisor) if Sallie Mae would accept 35% instead of half...since my partner is going to have a baby in the next few weeks and is unable to work, we are a 1-income family. They told me that Sallie Mae refuses to accept anything less than half.

When I contacted Sallie Mae to negotiate, they told me that GC Services has FULL DISCRETION to make any settlement they fact, since the loan is being collected by GC Services Sallie Mae cannot even negotiate ANYTHING!

Suffice it to say that this goes way beyond poor customer service...this is major fraud!

It is not only unethical, it is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act! If GC Services contacts you, get in touch with a lawyer ASAP!!!!

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This place called my cell phone three times and hung up as soon as I answered. Then they turned around and called me at work trying to say they were unable to contact me any other way.

There have been no messages left on my home phone which they verified they had and I have received nothing in the mail from them. The rep also admitted they had just received the loan this week (so only had it for 3 days max and calling me at work). When I asked for a number to contact back, I got an attitude. And this was after months of trying to make payment arrangements with Sallie Mae.

I still have the paper chain of emails - I guess they think most people are too ignorant to keep this information. Sallie Mae sent me email after email stating they had several options for me and ever time I tried to utilize these options I was told I had to pay the full balance passed due (mind you I didn't receive anything regarding a payment until I was already 3 months past due) amount or nothing.

It is really funny how they can't get you the information you need in time to not be delinquent but they can sure get to you once it is and then refuse any help! Between Sallie Mae and GC Services I've never seen such a racket and I am really close to taking all the communications and records of calls to an attorney!

to RAS #796677

You have a claim for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The most you can sue for is $1000.00, and most settlements for this type of case are around 350-400 bucks.

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #652717

That doesn't sound fraudulent at all. I'm on my 9th payment with them and all I know is my tax returns aren't being garnished anymore and after my 6th payment I was eligable for a Pell Grant for the 1st time in my life and it was awesome.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #635555

Don't let them tell you that they are offering credits. Pay on your bill only.

I didn't see any credits. Just hang up.


If you had stayed on contact with the bank who gave you the student loan in the first place, then the guarantee agency wouldn't have hired a 3rd party collections agency to collect.

How fair is it to borrow money and not be expected to pay it back?

Funny thing, if you didn't default with the bank, they'd have no problem helping you figure out a payment schedule, because they'll just tack missed months to the end. You'll pay eventually. They dont care.

Do yourself a favor and read before you sign.


when you stop paying/default on a loan you pretty much lose out on all the luxuries of paying it off. The 3rd party agency is hired to collect the $$ owed to the creditor, thats it.

They are not customer service, they are not there to coddle you by sending brochures, etc. Unless you changed your addy, they ALWAYS send you an initial letter in the mail explaining who they are. You may have accidently thrown it away in the trash.

Either way, they aren't scammers, you can call your creditor yourself and verify who they are. When it comes down to it, you will have to pay them in the end.

to to disabled #796680

I contacted the creditor...they had never heard of GC Services (they use a different 3rd Party). Additionally, you DO NOT have to pay them back if they violate FDCPA...they have to pay you.

Lastly, if they were legit, they would not have been fined by the State of Minnesota for over ONE MILLION dollars. The rules are in place for a reason...if they do not want to follow them, they should find another line of work.


They contacted me today and were trying to bully me into agreeing to something over the phone with no brochure or paperwork about the company (or the special "deal" they were offering me on student loan repayment). They also informed me that they could not send me any information.

I told them I was not comfortable agreeing to anything over the phone without anything in writing. They then tried to turn it around on me and act like I should already know everything about them and they shouldn't have to provide me any paperwork.


Why should they settle for 35%, did they only pay you 35% of the loan ? If you are a real attorney and not an armchair legal tv watcher maybe you should advise your partner on the legalities of not paying your debts or better yet instead of worrying about the semantics of how someone attempted to collect a debt, focus on teaching your partner fiscal responsibility and in the future there wont be anymore calls to worry about. I pay my bills and therefore I dont have to worry about such calls

to dolphinman #796682

I am happy for you. These kinds of cases put me through law school.

I follow the rules of my profession, knowing that there are penalties if I don't. I am merely pointing out that GC Services should do the same and not complain about the penalties when they do not follow the rules (for example, the ONE MILLION DOLLAR fine imposed by the State of Minnesota).


please explain how your case is fraud.


its not a scam. Its illegal to divulge any personal information over the phone without verifying they are speaking to the right person. If you want to get anywhere with them, you have to verify and ID yourself via last 4 of ssn, addy, dob, etc....

you know why they are calling. they didnt pull your name out of a hat. They have been in business for over 50 years and are not in the business of scamming. They are a 3rd party agency that has been hired by Sallie Mae, as well as other creditors, to collect on the acct.

If there is a discrepancy in regards to a sallie mae loan, stop giving em a hard time, ID yourself, and explain that there is a mistake in regards to this. Who knows, it may be a case of stolen identity from someone who setup a loan uder your name.

If a letter was sent to them you need to call Sallie Mae and explain the situation to them so they can recall the acct from GC Services.

to former gc employee #796686

1. I contacted Sallie Mae.

I spoke with 15 different reps, including 7 supervisors. None of them have heard of GC Services.

2. GC Services has had to pay MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in fines and suit settlements for violating the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. If they were lawyers, they would have been disbarred after 5 seconds, not allowed to exist for "50 years".


Any collection agency that provides personal information before verification is not a legit collection agency (FDCPA).

4. The State of Minnesota has fined GC Services ONE MILLION DOLLARS on more than one occassion.


Any debt collector who threatens people is a "scammer". Honest debt collectors do not resort to threats to "hurt" or "kill", nor do they use foul language.


GC Services is a scam looking to gather as much information about people as possible and to compile it over time (multiple phone calls) to hijack a persons identity and credit to drain bank accounts and max out credit cards etc.

In my case, Sallie May had never distributed money to me and “GC Services” wanted my SS number and student loan account number. I contacted Sallie May and they sent me a letter stating that no loans are on file and that even though it was approved for a loan, none was ever distributed to me. This information was not enough to keep "GC Services" from calling and trying to get money not owed to anyone!

They claim to be out of Columbus, OH and have a phone number of 1-800-504-0227 but they come up as a Nashville, TN phone number when they call which is:615-257-1308.

They claim that their business is “personal business matters” and will not say anything else and are unable to explain in detail.

They also claim that their phone number is randomly generated per each phone call made from the company, for anonymity, however it always comes up as the number stated above.

They insist and will get angry and rude if you refuse to divulge any personal information, however they will not give up what should be public information about their company. Why? Because it’s a scam!

Even after submitting to them the letter from Sallie May stating that I’ve never had a student load distributed to me (account number scribble out to keep them from getting that number and running up a real student loan in my name) they continue to mine for personal information.

If this scam is happening to you please post here what information you can gather about this fraudulent company so that they can be stopped!

to John Gault #796683

When they were calling my partner, they came up as ABS Tax Services Inc on the caller ID.

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