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i have had all of the same problems as everyone else with these low lives.i was being harrassed non stop when i never was in debt.

these people are running a scam, even if u are in debt, what they do is a give a phony address and they keep the money for themselves and all of you are still being haunted by debt collectors.

i called the headquarters today in texas and they gave me this phone number and said the person can help me out.713-231-3606 i couldnt understand the thick texas accent but when the person picks up just say i have a complaint about gc financial.

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oh and Matty -sure people should pay their bills- I concur - but go after the one in debt- not every neighbor and long lost family member - I have no idea how they found my private cell phone number -such an unprofessional low life company- oh and I researched- this company has a boat load of complaints- my attorney will be called if one more voicemail


This company is harassing me looking for my brother who I have not seen in 10 years.

When asked about their company-they cannot give information but yet they are leaving me voicemails.

Next voicemail and I will have no choice but to contact my attorney.

GC Services- Harassment in it's Purest form.


just bc ur f&ckin him doesnt mean its not a scam matty


dont be an ***.do your research.

Gc serviced is the largest independently owned collection agencies in the united states.

You want to stop getting calls????PAY YOUR BILLS

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