This person called acted as if they knew me and said they were trying to help me but needed me to confirm my ss# and dob.I said tell me what your company is and what its about first and they got rude and kept saying I am trying to help you.

I told them in order to help me I needed to know I was giving my information to, and if they couldn't then I didn't need there help.Word to the wise never give nor confirm your information with anyone that can't provide you with the information you need.

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Elmsford, New York, United States #695475

They are a legit company, so if they call again and cant at least confirm the last 4 of your ssn, then its probably not them calling, so beware. The rep can only disclose so much before breaking laws, so be as cooperative as possible, but again confirming your DOB and/or last 4 of ssn should not be a problem.

to Vsnares #814819

By law, you do not have to give your SS out to anybody-ever.

Especially, to a stranger over the phone.

One does not have to be cooperative at all-ever.

If the company already has your details then let them recite them back to you and you will confirm or not.

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