I received a phone call asking for a particular person and to call them back.They asked for an old distant family member that I have not spoken too in 25 years, has never had this phone number or lived at this address.

His mother lived here 50 years ago. How did they connect me to him I have NO idea, but they tried.

I called back and asked for my number to be taken off of the call list.I assume they are fishing for information, but cant even guess how they got to my phone number, dont think my family member even has the phone number.

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Elmsford, New York, United States #680824

Most collection agencies use a debtor-finding technique called "skip tracing". Its basically detective work to find a debtor. In most cases, they use semi-public databases (need license to use) to find any and all family members, neighbors, employers, associates, etc. Its perfectly legal as long as they do not lie, disclose any personal information, disclose what the exact nature of the call is, or even disclose what the name of the company is. This is all legal under the FDCPA laws. They do this to either find an alternate number for the debtor or to pass a message along to have the debtor call back.

A LOT of times old information is listed, so long lost relatives, old girlfriends, past neighbors, etc are called and makes everyone nervous.


I just had similar situation but even more weird.They called my husbands ex wife asking if she knows my grandmother.

I called back and they can't tell me anything.Very nervous about it all.

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