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Hello Mr GC Employee,

How can I change my phone so you all stop calling me! Someone just called my son and when my son told him that his brother does not live at this number and has not for years....the rep told him to get a girl friend and a life!!! I heard the call my son did no get mad or up set with this guy..the rep hung up on him??? My son called back to talk to a manager, and the (manager) guy accused him of lying?? You have my son's info!!

so now what?

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The college I went to gave them the wrong phone number. They found out were I work and called corporate.

Now I don't work for Walmart but lets just stay that this was the equivalent of calling Walmart's corporate looking for someone. I work for a multi billion dollar company with offices all over the world. They gave them our international HR phone number and my HR rep told them this was harassment and she couldn't give out my personal info. Then she called me to inform me of what happened.

The next day the started calling all the store in the state I live in looking for me. Finally, they somehow got transferred to me.

The rep started freaking out on me. He demanded that I pay all $27 thousand over the phone or else.

I told him that I have never seen a bill from them. I found out that they were sending all my bills to the abandoned neighbor's house down the street.

Wyncote, Pennsylvania, United States #16382

Maybe you think he gave him your number to keep from being harassed himself? Maybe you're just a *** mom?

Wyncote, Pennsylvania, United States #16381

I work there, nothing like that really happens. I will tell you that we've caught and helped TRACK DOWN identity thieves because most local PD'd don't really give a *** unless it's an election year.

And collections are used for a reason...reason being you aren't paying like you should be.

And let me slip this in here real quick,people wish death on us over the phone on an hourly basis or cancer on occation and I'm actually working to help pay off my chemo and collection people call me too. If your son is old enough to rack up some debt, he's old enough to be resposible for it himself.

Ocho Rios, Saint Ann, Jamaica #15512

i know people can be jerks on the phone, but no, you can not record them, its illegal unless the collector says you can, and with gc, they will not. if the guy continues to call and he is looking for someone you know, tell him how to get in contact with them, or tell him that you dont have the # if you dont know the person.

and no, they havent done ne thing against fdcpa laws, that would be much easier to deal with if they had, but being rude and pushy isnt against the law... if the calls dont stop i would write the company a c&d letter. basicly just say in the letter that any phone calls to 999-999-9999 are from now on prohibited.

and any further collection activity will force you to act on your rights per fdcpa laws. if they break the c&d i would report it...

Englewood, Tennessee, United States #15113

Harassment, file your complaints, record the calls, and email the recordings to the president asking for a settlement before you file a civil case. There are laws, and these tactics do not fall into them, you could make a cool grand, each time.


I would report the company to the Federal Trade Comission and the Attorney General. You have every right to.

From the sounds of their phone call to your son, they broke quite a few rules and regulations according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

These collection people are the rudest people. I know it's their living and I am sure they are in debt too, like the rest of us, but they don't have to be so *&$) ruthless!

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #14498

Do you have a whistle, next time they call simply pick up your phone, get your whistle, blow real hard then hang up.

How old is your son, sounds like he is old enough to stick up for himself.

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