Ive received 7 calls this month. I am not the person they are looking for yet they keep calling. Asked for a mailing address, advised that they don't have one. Asked caller for his last name, he refused.

Supervisors name is Clarence Taylor. He promised me that they would not call me anymore. I said if they do I will call him personally on his cell phone. Clarence refused to give me his cell phone.

Clarence said since I am the supervisor your name will be removed and we will not call you anymore. If I get another call ask for the supervisor again and complain. We'll see if I get another call.

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Gouda, South Holland, Netherlands #22819

I can "one-up" you on that one -- they have called me at least 20 times and I am also not the person they are looking for. I have told them this at least 12 times, but now I am just getting downright nasty.

They can kiss my *** - I'm done being nice. They need to be put out of business and I'm filing a complaint with the BBB now.

Easley, South Carolina, United States #8653

i know this is no excuse for their calling u after u told them wrong number but some times they are on a dialing system and it just keeps spitting ur number back out after they have taken it out... or that debtor had ur number before...

or is some how connected to ur number....

there is still no reason for u to be getting repeated calls but just keep telling them wrong number and dont ignore the calls cause they will keep coming.... this is because they are probably on an automative dialer...

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