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6 phone calls so far and counting. Every time - they ask if my SSN ends in 4 numbers and EACH time I tell them it's not my SSN (I also don't live at "123 Anywhere Street", which was the address they had).

The last phone call the woman said she got my phone number from the Dept of Ed. I told them they had the wrong # but she obviously didn't note that down anywhere so I assume I will be getting more phone calls (one of them was 8am on a Saturday morning). When I asked for her company's phone number she refused to give it to me. She said that since I didn't take care of this matter with the Dept of Ed (huh?), that it is my fault that her company is calling me.

Somewhere Kafka is laughing.

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:cry sounds like you with everyone else are just upset because you think you are responsible adults, but in the end collections would not be calling any of you tools if you paid your bills; traffic tickets,school loans(which you never completed),taxes. At least their employees have jobs and don't sit at home collecting unemployment or living off parents income while blogging on random internet sights - shut the up and be a responsible productive citizen as you should be, instead of talking about it all of the time behind a computer screen.

The whole world is out there, not just your parents basement and computer desk. Put the lotion and kleenex box away,fill out an application and pay your bills.


my friend went to apply for a a loan they told him his credit score dropped due to a bill at dish network which gc holds he never had dish network what should he do its on his credit

Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, South Africa #35894

I posted this elsewhere: They call my house 4 or more times a week, every time for a completely different 'someone' with the same last name who does NOT live here. They either refuse to take my number off their call list or put me on hold and never return to the phone.

I have reported them to the FTC, the BBB, and I have called them dozens of times BEGGING to have these harassing calls stop: They do NOTHING. They just keep calling, day after day, for dozens of people I've never heard of. They are rude and mocking, or alternately, just plain *** (or at least they like to act like they are.) I pay my bills, jerks, stop calling me!!!! I have no debt, never have, but I get punished by this incompetent company and their inability to track down the right phone number for the people who own the debt.


It would be slightly more understandable if they were calling for one person, but it's always a different name! They're a bunch of morons.


i'd just tell them to stop calling & that you want to talk via written mail only, & if they continue to call, you'll file a lawsuit against them for harassment. tell that to all of them that call.

if that doesn't work, start answering the phone in Vietnamese or something. or act mentally handicapped. you can also start talking about something completely different than what they're talking to you about. answer the phone & be like "hello?" then when they start chewing you out & expect a response, be like 'the sky is pretty..' they'll be like "excuse me?" then you can say something like 'i like mushrooms..' and they'll be like 'what about your bill?" & you can be like 'fish *** makes good fertilizer' & if you keep up, they will just have to get you off the phone... to irritate them further, keep talking to them about random things & they can't really hang up on you (it's against protocall. they'll get in trouble unless a manager tells them to hang up- ironically they'll also get in trouble if they are on the phone for too long)

so there you go. :)

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