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GC Services Debt Collection: This company has a web site that promotes "great customer service" because they say it's paramount to good business. They were rude, harassing, and no one from the company knew what anyone else was doing.

Then to top it all off, the guy said "what you are telling me isn't correct", basically calling me a liar, because the notes in my account didn't prove that I was being honest. So I'm a liar because the woman processing my account didn't write documentation. When I tried to tell him more details, he said I was contridicting myself, that I had just said something totally different a minute before. I've had customer service jobs before and was told to never speak to people like that.

Calling a customer a liar is not the way to handle things.

Now I've heard it all.

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Gainesville, Texas, United States #10555

selv i bet u would feal the same way tward me if i borrowed thousands of dollars from u then told u to *** off.

Christiansted, Virgin Islands, United States Virgin Islands #10340

aaaa has been on here a few times and is OBVIOUSLY an employee. gives you an idea of how their employees think of the people they're contacting. :x

Karnes City, Texas, United States #9668

First of all you dead beat you are not the customer. There client is there customer.

Your not a customer your a debtor who is looking for a way to confuse the issue to gain time. Hey I have a solutuion pay your bills and dont open accounts you cant pay.

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