They are very unrespectful and dont really work for the best interest of the client, they are careless if the client gets any money or not, I need to complaint about this company, any body has a number for customer service? For no reason they just go off on you and they think that they can take a decision for the client when they have to bring the proposals to the client and client makes a decision but poor clients that hire this company they are not going to ever going to make any money ever!!

Dont hire this company!

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Why? The banks aren't paying their bills or they wouldn't be getting BILLIONS of dollars of bailout money. Sure some consumers are at fault for improper spending/saving habits. However, it is the banking system itself that has gotten the country into this mess in the first place.

A healthy economy is one where goods and services are traded on actual assets (i.e. cash). What America is operating on is almost exclusively a debt-based economy. Cars, houses, businesses, even a latte at Starbucks are all being bought on credit by most Americans. Something is seriously wrong there.

In any case, if GC Services is harrassing consumers for not paying their credit card bills, then We The People should be harrassing the banks for not paying their bills (paying us back our tax dollars).

Williamston, North Carolina, United States #152923



GC Services has been calling my phone constantly for months over a past due Citibank bill. I keep ignoring the phone calls.

They had the nerve to not only call my mother who is in her eighties but also a neighbor two doors down.

Guess what? I'm not paying my bill and they aren't getting a dime. Citibank received 25 BILLION of our tax dollars in bailout money. The banks can't pay their own bills but get a bailout.

Well guess what?

I'm not paying them either. Screw 'em.


i work at gc and we aren't uneducated, we are doing our jobs, collecting money. would it be better that we stole someone elses money and services?


hi i have worked for Gc Services for the past 2 1/2 yrs. Gc isnt all that bad people are just trying to get out of paying there bills.

If people dont want calls then its easy! PAY YOUR BILLS.

Yea we do get a lil pushy but dont you relize its because everyone one uses the same 5 reasons of why they cant pay & it REALLY gets old! Every one has a job to do & im sure if you were on the other end of the ph then you would understand why we say & do what we do!


I used to work there, they fired me for giving someone 14 days to pay her bill and reactivating her account... they do CS for sprint, xm, and other companies


hey there, i know how it is.. this GS service is just ***..

ppl there is so unprofessional and when they call u, they all screaming and demanding you to pay them, not even let you verify whether the debt is valid or not.. they are just whole bunch of uneducated a**.

I have the fone for there san diego office ( 800)475-7311.. be prepare when u call this cuz the representative, supervisor and manager there are all uneducated a** and they dont think when the speaks

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