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GC Sevices needs to be audited, people who work for them need to be fired, everyone that works there needs ethics, collections, and morality training. Do not lie to me!

I am not dumb, I am behind in my payments. Do not talk to me like I am a child, I am an adult who is behind in my payments. Do not use a foul mouth, or harsh tone and words with me I do not need to listen to that, to set up payment arrangements because I am behind in my payments. WORK with people, let them have some input on their payments, when they can make the FIRST one (yes be more flexable with that) You get more flys with honey, sugar, so start using it!!!

Don't you know that we all know we are behind in our payments??? We didn't just wake up one day, educated, and say "I don't think I am going to pay that loan!" Oi Vey....Get a grip people, and until you...DON'T CALL ME, I will continue to hang up as I fill out the form that say "Garnishing me will cause a financial hardship" As that is why I have NOT made my payment!!!!!

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yes absolutely i have worked as a service rep for years and definitely we hate that "who are you?" attitude people dont understand how hard it is to deal with 'adults' however i hate any debt collection in general, the first payment to set up any other payment arrangments is ridiculous though let me tell you but it got done and i use to try and be sooo calm with them and always made my payments on occasion i would not be ableto make the full payment or would be a few days late but i always paid it and you would think that wouldnt stir up too much trouble but it did i'm done with them and hope i never haveto deal with any debt collector again. follow the rules of the road and dont buy *** you cant afford! lol


I used to work for a gc serv and I can tell you that the reason I left wasn't the company, and it wasn't the customers that were just behind. It's quite honestly the simple fact that 99.9% of our calls were people calling for there 5th or 6th extension without making any effort towards there bill.

Now I am not saying you are one of those people but trust me when I say that you and everyone that complains about arrangements are truly hypocritical. You sit there saying you want people to give you a break but I'd bet my yearly salary that you call in cussing and screaming without letting us get a word in edgewise. I can personally tell you that I have flat out refused arrangements simply due to a persons attitude. Maybe if you acted like an adult who was just behind then you might be treated like one.

Don't go around acting like just because you can't pay a bill people should feel sorry for you.

People like this make me sick. Remember this, if you come into a conversation with that I am god and you're nothing mentality we will not in any way help you.

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