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so im 18 turning 19 this week and im was wondering what my credit score was so as im on free credit report .com i see i owe G C services 836$ im like this has to be a mistake because i never heard of them before so im looking to when i apparently started to use their services and it was telling me in 2012 im like how is this possible i was only 17 and i had not used my ssn for anything and i go on this site and see im not alone with my problem so i am assuming that they are trying to scam me outof my money but i am confused how there able to actualy show up on my credit scre report ??????????

Reason of review: i want to know who are they and why i owe them money.

Monetary Loss: $836.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Actually you can dispute any thing on your credit report prior to your 18th birthday. You are not legally able to enter into a contact as a minor.

Before making any arrangements for payment dispute the legality of the debit and once they confirm you were a minor, the debit must be removed. good luck


GS Services is a corrupt, fraudulent company that hires people that are willing to lie and deceive from their calling centers to scam people out of money. They claim to be a collection agency but they make up the debts owed hoping they can strike fear in people willing to pay to be out of collections.

There are victims of their scam all over the internet. I was contacted yesterday by a woman who claimed I had a unpaid ticket from 9 years ago which was not paid. It was a lie, I had paid the ticket, the only one in 33 years. She had the correct case# and insisted that if didn't make a payment that my license would be revoked and a warrant would be issued for my arrest.

I called the court house and found that it was a scam. Even with all of the evidence of fraud this company is still able steal from people every day.

I hope that all of the crooks in this company experience some extremely painful, unnatural loss.

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